Video takes center stage at The Guardian

The Guardian US Edition uses video, which is often captioned with text, to tell news stories.

If you scroll down to the “video & pictures” section of The Guardian US Edition’s website, you will see a video of called “Jeff Sessions denies contact with Russians during Senate hearing.” The video features an exchange between Senator Al Franken and Attorney General Jeff Sessions wherein Sessions informed Franken that the former had no communication with the Russians during President Trump’s campaign.

News Track for Week 6.pngUnlike some of the other videos on The Guardian, this particular video, which can be viewed here, has no text captions aside from those identify Franken and Sessions. The video is accompanied by a brief write up.


In addition to the predominantly caption-less clips that speak for themselves, The Guardian US Edition also features captioned clips. The captioned clips are like the inverse of a traditional news story. Traditionally, news stories rely on the text to do the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to conveying the news. Visual and audio components are used to assist the text in telling the story, but the text is the first line of defense, metaphorically speaking.

The Guardian takes a different approach. While the publication still uses the tried and true method of reporting the news predominantly through text, it also uses video as to convey the news, with text as an accompaniment.

In “What we know about Jeff Sessions and Russia,” The Guardian has captioned a compilation of clips and still images with text pertaining to Jeff Sessions’ possible connection to Russia. The text readers like a classic print story, but in an interesting turn of events the video is used to tell the make the story’s main point.




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