Live Tweeting the 2017 Patriots Day Parade

Hello there! 

Monday was Patriots Day here in that state of Massachusetts, and I celebrated by marching with the members of the annual Patriots Day Parade from Boston City Hall to Old North Church in the North End.

Take a look at my tweets to see relive the highlights of the parade!


The parade began with a group of officers taking a moment of silence to honor patriots, both deceased (Paul Revere) and living (U.S. soldiers, according to Major Marty Walsh).


Throughout the parade, the congregation stopped at various graveyards containing the resting places of famous patriots to to pay their respects.

Pictured below is the grave of patriot Samuel Adams, who, among many other accomplishments, is credited with making the following statement: “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” 

The parade passed through many historic locations, including the site of the Boston Massacre, a major tipping point in regards to colonist sentiment to England and its continued occupation of the colonies, as it made its way from Boston City Hall to Old North Church.


The parade made its way to Old North Church, the location where Paul Revere ordered two lanterns to be hung to signal that “the British are coming!” The image below features an actor portraying Mr. Paul Revere himself.


Once the parade reached Old North, the Reverend Stephan T. Ayres, Vicar of the Old North Church, said a few words and shared a prayer with the audience.


Major Marty Walsh was also in attendance, and had a few words to say himself:


After Rev. Ayres and Mayor Walsh spoke, officers left a wreath entwined with an American flag in the courtyard of Old North Church as a way to honor patriots past and present.


The festivities seemed to go off without a hitch, leaving revelers, both human and otherwise, in high spirits.


After the Paul Revere road and the honors were handed out, the citizens of Boston were left to their own defenses.


See you next year!


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